The Grouchy Event Centre is a full service licensed event centre offering services in food, beverage, wait staff and bartending. It is perfect for small weddings, corporate parties, engagements, bridal and baby showers, team parties, etc. Depending on configuration, the maximum seating capacity is between 80-100 people.

-  47” wall mounted LED TV for any video presentations
-  Internet Service
-  PA system for speeches and/or music
-  50” gas fireplace
-  Liquor License
-  Parking
-  Flexible Seating Plans

Bookings must be made 2 weeks in advance with final numbers of guests. We will use this number to schedule the staffing required, place food orders and also create your invoice. You will be billed for the number of guests you book, even if some don’t show up. Be sure of your final number when placing your booking. In some cases, 1 week notice may be accepted. Please check with your Event Coordinator.

We don’t charge a rental fee per se, but we will charge you a staffing service fee, which will cover the wages of the staffing required. If we only need one staff member, then you only pay for one staff member, and if we need five staff, then five staff will be billed for. rates are billed on a 3 hour minimum, but the cleaning fee is a flat rate. Servers, Bartenders, Dishwashers $15/hr Chefs $20/hr Cleaning $50 flat

As we are a foodservice company, no outside food or beverages are permitted in our facility with the exception of celebratory cakes. Please refer to our catering menu for food and beverage options to suit your needs.

Already got a location but need food? We can help. Choose from any of our great menu options. A delivery charge will be calculated at $25.00 base fee plus $0.50/km to and from the event when outside town limits.

Deposits must be made 2 weeks prior to your event. We require a 25% non-refundable deposit. In some instances, deposits are not mandatory. Please check with your Event Coordinator. We will collect your credit card information and keep it on file until the event is complete, at which time we will process the final invoice(s).

A 15% gratuity, calculated on your total before tax, will be added to your invoice.

Events requiring individual tabs must be settled on the day of the event. The main contact person will be responsible for the service fees associated with the booking, as well as any unpaid tabs. Events requiring a single invoice will be billed the day after and are due upon receipt via credit card, unless another payment option has been agreed upon. 

After years of working for the family business and growing up in the film industry, the owner Alex Galanis decided it was time to shock his friends and family and start his own restaurant.  Oh, did we fail to mention that he never wanted to have a restaurant ever!? 
​Alex always wanted to carve out his own path and be in the film industry, which was a burning passion inside of him from a young age.  In 2004, he got his chance to move to the coast and began what turned into a 7-year stint of working in the film industry.  Rubbing elbows with celebrities and crews on sets for music videos, commercials, tv shows, short films and feature films were the backdrop for his time in BC and paved the way for his independence and business experience.

JDDJ'S has the pleasure of working with some great local people that offer some truly outstanding event services. From catering and event spaces to floral design and event planning, you can rest easy knowing great pride has been put into your special event.

Whether you are looking for something onsite at our event space the Grouchy Event Centre, or offsite at your location - make sure you ask us about our catering services. Serving Central Alberta with everything from corporate parties, weddings, team functions, birthdays, anniversaries and more!